:. The fourth Olympiad Universities Academic Medical Students, July 2012, Tabriz University of Medical Sciences .:

Olympiad scope
The main goal of universities of medical sciences is to train experts, who as health teams , help the maintenance and promotion of the society health. The Olympiad domains are chosen based on the different skills expected from the health teams. In these teams, the individuals produce the required knowledge (basic and clinical science) apply it (clinical decision) and manage the different components of health system and society for the maintenance and promotion of peoples health (health system management). Clinical reasoning, scientific reasoning in basic sciences and reasoning and decision making in health system management are the three main domains of the Olympiads, which are held annually on different and various subjects:
  1. Clinical reasoning
  2. Scientific reasoning in basic sciences
  3. Health system management
This Olympiad has been planned for the undergraduates because they constitutes the major number of students and problem solving education does not have a significant part in their education. As a result, only undergraduate students can take part in this Olympiad.
In the clinical reasoning and scientific thinking in basic sciences, although the questions are planned for professional doctorate students, students in other fields can also take part in such exams.
The second nation- wide Olympiad which will be held in Shiraz University of Medical sciences in 1389 (2010) will include 3 domains as follows:
-   Clinical Reasoning: Emergency Medicine
-   Basic Science Thinking: stem cells
-  Management in Health System: Equity in Health system

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